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5 Tips to Accelerate your Social Strategy Part II

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Idea 6: Require certification.

Three thousand Dell employees have undergone their Social Media Certification Program, notes Forbes. Require every team member (regardless of their function or business unit) who wants to engage on behalf of your brand to complete your our certification program. That ensures they not only know what they’re doing, but that they’ve imbibed your core principles.

Idea 7: Require extra certification.

Require additional certification for anyone using social media to communicate to shareholders and media. A misstep at this level could be a disaster that costs your company millions and damages your brand beyond repair. Make sure the people at the controls have enough training. Then train them some more.

Idea 8: Share the vision.

Share and promote your social media strategy, governance and principles, not just low-level tips and orders. Don’t turn your team members into robots: they’ll feel frustrated, and so will your community. Instead, inspire them with the big picture. Then free them up to use their own voice and their own judgment as they engage online.

Idea 9: Double-check for compliance.

Monitor employees’ social media accounts to make sure they are active, brand-compliant and tracked. Don’t wait for an employee to screw up. Watch what they’re saying and how they’re engaging. Correct them when they make a mistake. Encourage them when they excel.

Idea 10: Craft a content strategy.

Don’t blog and write crap. Ask yourself why and for whom you’re creating content. Nail down the Big Idea that will play out in everything you write and all the tactics you execute. It’s a big decision and it should be broad enough to work for a long time. That could be years. Your brand has an established target audience whom you reach out to via traditional media, social media helps you further target & communicate with those customers.

5 Tips to Accelerate your Social Strategy Part I

Written by admin on . Posted in Social Media

Idea 1: Socialize your culture, not just your technology.

The days when businesses controlled the conversation are over, but most businesses haven’t adapted. They use social media as a megaphone, not a telephone. Your whole organization needsto adapt to the empowered customer.

Idea 2: Write up a plan.

Your social strategy needs just as much forethought as any other business process. Taking the time to plan ahead will pay off. Brent observed, “Strategic users are almost three times more likely to execute activities for engaging prospects than informal users (53% vs. 19%)” — and they were likely to see increased revenues.

Idea 3: Cultivate long-term relationships.

Retaining your current customers is 5 to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new ones. So why are you blowing all your social media efforts on the short-term sale? Use social media to cultivate the long-term customer experience.

Idea 4: Automate as much as you can.

A more wide-ranging social strategy means you need to get more efficient.“Automating routine operations frees up even more time that could be better spent focusing on finding ways to more meaningfully engage with customers.”

Idea 5: Lean SEO Tactics.

Real businesses like yours aren’t doing social media for kicks. Savvy brands are using relevant targeted content to lower customer acquistion cost, and increase organic SEO traffic for a fraction the cost of paid media. For example, we ran a test with one of our customers, Citizen Space and found a $150 blog post generated over 1500 organic clicks. A paid media cost for this same traffic would have ran the client $1500-$4500.